Disposal of Waste on Campus

Disposal of Waste and Debris on the OARDC Campus

(For materials from state property only. Not for disposal of personal materials.)

  • Debris to go to East Dump:

    • In the Dumpster -
      • General Trash (paper, plastic, wire, construction debris)
      • Fruits and vegetables which are not acceptable for composting. This would contain items that may rot and cause problems.
    • Not in the Dumpster -
      • Vegetative waste that can be composted (leaves grass clippings, limbs.)
      • Appliances (can be put on scrap metal pile) **
      • Personal Trash
    • On Ground in Designated Areas -
      • Clean fill - brick, block, concrete, subsoil, field stone (no wood or wire).
      • Scrap metal debris
      • Organic debris
        Pile #1 - rose cuttings, ornamental potted materials (woody materials to be ground and composted.
        Pile #2 - soft tissue potted materials that can be composted (without pots), grass clippings, weeds, etc.
  • Debris not to be taken to East Dump (Contact Research Operations for appropriate disposal):

    • Fence posts and wooden gates
    • Pallets
    • Trees, brush and logs
    • Stumps
  • Prohibited items:

    • Tires
    • Batteries
    • Chemical (lab chemicals and pesticides)

**Any appliances with Freon, must go through the OARDC Facilities Services HVAC shop for clearance before being disposed (Freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, etc).

Recycling Guidelines




Special Notes



Aluminum & bi-metal beverage cans May be flattened to conserve space Aluminum foil & pie pans may be bagged separately South side Gourley Greenhouse


Tin-lined, steel cans contain food products May be flattened to conserve space NO aerosol containers or cans containing hazardous waste, such as paint, propane, oil, etc. South side Gourley Greenhouse


Brown & clear bottles and jars Recycle metal lids with tin; broken glass included (if right kind) NO window glass, dishware, bakeware, pyrex, ceramics, decorative glass, light bulbs, televisions, etc South side Gourley Greenhouse


ONLY drink containers, Milk Jugs (clear and yellow), Detergent Bottles any color

May be flattened to conserve space

Look for the recycling symbol and the #1 or #2

South side Gourley Greenhouse


Corrugated cardboard Flatten NO glossy or wax-coated cardboard, no egg cartons

East side of Williams Hall

West side of FAHRP


Any regular office paper--white or colored & regular envelopes Keep dry; no need to remove staples NO window envelopes

Sanmandy Enterprises (330) 435-4455


Daily/Sunday newspapers & advertisements Keep dry May include 1-page glossy inserts

Sanmandy Enterprises (330) 435-4455


All types Keep dry Includes glue-bound pamphlets, phone books & catalogs

Sanmandy Enterprises (330) 435-4455


Computers/accessories, printers, faxes, typewriters, copy machines, cell phones Remove from inventory; C&SS will  clean hard drive on computers—form needed Look for email notification. 

Environmental Health & Safety


Cartridges: Inkjet/Laser

All kinds Follow instructions of company you’re using to recycle Done through individual departments; if usable, you’ll get credit towards cash; others are recycled & not put into landfill

Some recyclers used by OARDC departments:

Funding Factory

Hazardous Materials

Batteries, chemicals, solvents LABEL all containers

Collection 1st Monday of Month. Look for email notification.

No items from home.

Contact Environmental Health & Safety



For information on any of the above items, or questions on disposal of wastes, please contact either Facilities Services or Research Operations.