Garden of Roses of Legend & Romance

Garden of RosesWelcome to the Garden of Roses of Legend and Romance

Established 40 years ago, with most of the original plants still thriving, the garden features 500 varieties of old fashioned roses--the types that came before modern hybrid roses--with 1,500 specimens in all.
They cover a site that is nearly as big as three football fields. Colors included red, cream, copper, crimson, salmon, canary, burngandy, and yes, rose.
Walking through the rose garden you will no doubt see roses that you would not recognize as roses except for the thorns. The roses vary from 20 inches to 20 feet. They are hardy, smell especially intense and have survived the test of time.
The roses hit their peak bloom in the first two weeks of June. Many old roses only flower once, so timing is critical to see and smell them in their glory.
Hours: Open seven days a week, from half an hour before dawn to half an hour after dusk.
Admission and parking are free!


This unique garden, consisting of some 2.7 acres features a collection of 1,500 plants representing about 500 varieties of roses of antiquity, legend, and romance. The garden has been developed through the generosity of Mrs. Samuel J. Forbes of Mentor, Ohio. Mrs. Forbes provided the funds to develop the garden in memory of her father, the late Michael H. Horvath, a widely known rosarian who pioneered development of new roses. The roses are the gift of Joseph J. Kern, well known rose nurseryman from Mentor, Ohio. The formal garden was designed by William A. Strong and Thomas W. Hill, Landscape Architects of Cleveland, Ohio.
Roses have been favorite flowers of mankind through the ages. The Greek poetess, Sappho, called the rose "Queen of Flowers" more than 2,500 years ago. There is evidence that roses were grown as long ago as the 16th century B.C.
Even though many of the old roses have been lost, those cultivated today are still attractive, and have much botanical interest and historical value to show the evolution of the rose. The Garden of Legend and Romance Rose Garden is preserving those old favorites adapted to this region. 


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